I’m a home based company rep for a national company, I depend on my car ready & working on short notice. This service was on time and on budget with no surprise add-on charges. Highly recommend them. KM in Summerlin
Honest mobile mechanic. My AC went out a couple weeks ago and when I took it into a shop they quoted me for a new compressor, which is pretty expensive. A friend gave me this number for a second opinion, not only did he come to me but when he diagnosed my car all that was wrong was a broken AC line. He repaired it and my AC has been working perfectly. He saved me money in the end was honest and great to work with!! Highly recommend him for anyone who wants there car fixed right!
Honest and hard working. Not only did he come to me but when he diagnosed my car he didn’t come up with 5 different issues that weren’t really wrong like the shop prior. All that was wrong was my fuel pump. His prices were fair and after repaired, my car ran perfectly!! Highly recommended!